The Week In Numbers – 5,10, 50,100

5 – It was back to the track for the first time in a while last week, and a 5k time trial wouldn’t have been my first choice for a session. It’s amazing how much longer 12.5 laps of the track feels compared to a Parkrun. In the absence of the usual speed demons I also found myself in the unusual situation of being out in front on my own, which made it harder as I had no-one to follow or chase down until the last few laps. It was also raining quite hard, so it became a case of head down and focus, and in the end I was pleased with a time of 22:26, which was around the same as my best Parkruns this year.

The Harriers contingent at Eridge

10 – Sunday was my first race of the year, the ever-popular Eridge Trail 10m, which often features in the annual Runner’s World magazine listings of the most popular races in the UK. It’s entirely off-road, very muddy in places and very hilly in places! The course itself has a number of landmarks and sections which have been given names, some quite humorous such as Cheeky’s Bog, the Tomb of the Unknown Harrier, Leap of Death, Deeply Step (it was) and Slippery Slope (it was). My passage of the last section wasn’t helped by the fact that I had to wear my road shoes. My old trail shoes were binned at the end of last winter, and it was only the weekend before the race I realised that I needed a new pair, so I ordered some which were due to arrive on the Tuesday, but they never turned up. For the most part road shoes were fine, but I did slip and slide in a few places, although luckily no real Bambi on ice moments. Given the nature of the course I was happy to use it as a hard and very enjoyable training run. There are some superb views at the top of some of the climbs, and to top it all off nicely a free pint of beer from Larkins Brewery and a superb selection of cakes to choose from, just what was needed. I picked a couple of delicious ANZAC cakes made by Sophie who writes the Running on Full blog and you can find both her race report and the recipe for the cakes on the blog.

50 – The day before the Eridge 10 I finally managed to take part in my 50th Parkrun. Considering I ran in the second ever Maidstone event and this was event number 235 it’s taken me longer than it really should, so hopefully I can get to the next number a little quicker….

100 on the left, 50 on the right!

100 – Yes, the next target, and by co-incidence my fellow Harrier Gerald did his 100th on Saturday as well. And guess which position I finished in?

That’s all for today – catch up with you all again soon, enjoy your running.

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