It’s marathon training time again! (And update time)

As you may (or may not have) noticed my planned April part 2 blog update never happened. I did start on it but never got around to finishing it, May was a bit of a mad month one at work, so it just fell by the wayside. Next week it’s 18 weeks until the Bournemouth Marathon, which makes October sound quite close, but before I talk about here’s a quick round-up of everything else that’s happened:


My first night coaching

As I mentioned in my last post I took my Leadership in Running Fitness course in April, which was a long but fun and interesting day. I then got the chance a couple of weeks later to take my first track session with the Harriers. I was a bit nervous beforehand, especially when we had a bumper turn-out (possibly not for me!) but it all went quite well. I forgot a few things but luckily Tim, our head coach, was there to lend a helping hand, and I’m looking forward to taking another session soon.



One of my 2018 targets was a sub-45 minute 10k, and I was able to tick that one off the list a couple of weeks ago at one of the Friday evening races they run in Ashford every year. It’s a 4 lap, virtually flat course, ideal for a fast time, and I got home in 44:10, with almost even 5k splits as well, so I was really happy with that, and I plan to return there during the summer as they also run Ashford Parkrun at the same venue, so I like the idea of seeing what I can do over 5k there now. I also did the London 10k on the last Bank Holid

ay Monday, the first time I’ve done that, and I really enjoyed it. A group of us went up together, and with my sub-45 in the bag I just went up to enjoy the day and the novelty of running around central London on closed roads.

Harriers on tour at the London 10k


The week after my PB I headed over to my other local Parkun at Malling and set a new course PB of 21:52, and today I went sub-22 again (just) at Great Lines Parkrun in Gillingham. I’ve run 6 different Parkruns, but in Kent only my 2 local ones, so I decided it was time to explore the other Parkruns the county has to offer. Great Lines is set in a big park, and whilst it’s not flat it is fast, and I’ll definitely be back as it’s a really enjoyable one.


Sadly you’ll know by now that Matt Campbell lost his life after collapsing during this year’s London Marathon. I was part of the Harriers marshalling team at mile 22 this year, and it was clear by that stage of the race that a lot of runners were struggling with the heat. We helped a lot of people during the race, most fortunately were just struggling with cramp or mild dehydration, but we did have to help the St.John’s medics take a few of them to the medical tent. On the positive side it was fantastic to see the elites fly by, including Mo Farah who finished the race in a fine 3rd place.


October does seem like a long way off, but I’m sure the 18 weeks will fly by, although hopefully not too quickly as I’d like to enjoy what will hopefully be a warm, dry summer. I’ve gone for an 18 week build up rather than the usual 16 as I’ll have a couple of weeks in the summer when my daughter will be staying over and we’ll be going away for a week. I will be running, but rather than worrying about keeping up the mileage I’ll just keep the legs ticking over ready for the final phase of training in late August and early September.

I really want to go sub-4 at Bournemouth, I’ve been chasing that time for a while and haven’t got as close as I would have liked, but everything I’ve done this year over the shorter distances suggests I should be capable of it. However as many of you will know it’s not that easy when it comes to 26.2 miles and there’s a lot of hard work and a few previous issues to sort out between now and October 7th.

The plan is to try and update this blog on a more regular basis as my training gets underway, maybe weekly, but let’s not get carried away! In the meantime I hope everyone is enjoying their running, hopefully in the sunshine.

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