Here comes summer!


Well, hopefully it’s on the way. So far it appears to have only made an unwelcome appearance over the Brighton Marathon weekend, but it’s still only early May, plenty of time yet for the warm weather to join the party. Anyway, with the marathon out of the way I’ve been busy figuring out what the rest of the running summer (and the year come that that) will look like. For the summer I’m keeping it short, nothing more than 10k for races and a maximum long run of 10m until I start to think about the 10m/half marathon races I’m planning for the autumn.

I’ve put my name down for the one-in-however many chance that is the London Marathon draw, more out of hope than expectation, but you gotta be in it to win it as they say. I always have the fallback position (and better odds) of a club place, but I’m not going to be too disappointed if I don’t get a place. My longer-term plan is not to do another marathon until Bournemouth 2018, which is 18 months away, but if I get a place in London then that will change, but in the meantime the focus is on trying to improve over the shorter distances, where my times seem to have plateaued over the last couple of years, hence my summer plans.

I have my first 10k this Sunday, which I’m looking forward to as it’s one of my favourites, the Darent Valley 10k, which is a long established and very popular fixture on the Kent racing calendar. It’s a lovely scenic course, but also rather challenging in places, so I’m not expecting anything timewise, but it’s a chance to stretch the legs and see where I’m at. I’ve had a couple of solid if unspectacular weeks training, and I’m ready to start injecting some pace back into my schedule, starting with a return to the track on Tuesday. 

(Quick update, as I haven’t got around to posting this until Sunday afternoon!…the race went pretty well, look out for my next blog post)

I’ve also been planning out my summer race schedule, with a few 10ks lined up, and I’ll be looking to push on towards my 50th Parkrun, which I’m hoping to do before the autumn. This is what I have lined up so far, including a few I haven’t done before. I like to do some new races every year. We’re spoilt for choice with races in Kent, but it’s very easy to end up running the same races every year, so it’s good to try some different ones.

That’s all for this week – have a great week training or racing!

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