Bournemouth Marathon – 2 weeks to go!

Back in the early days of what was to be a very hot summer I had this crazy idea of doing a weekly blog post on my marathon training, and enthusiastically did one for the first week. And now here’s the second one. Better late than never I guess, but I ended up enjoying the summer, doing lots of running, there was a World Cup on, and a couple of weeks away, and I just never seemed to find the time to sit down and write anything.

After all that I’m now sitting here two weeks away from the big day, and if all goes according to plan I should have crossed the finish line this time in a fortnight,and I should be making my way to Wetherspoon’s for some well-earned rehydration.

Training has gone very well, until about 10 days ago, but we’ll get to that in a minute. In a meantime here’s a few highlights from my running summer.

I loved running in the heat in the summer. There were a few days where it was too hot, but for the most part the temperature was fine and I tried to go out earlier or later to avoid the highest temperature.

Run commuting was a great way to start the day, and a warm one to end it as it’s mainly uphill! Mote Park lake looks fabulous in the early morning sunlight though.


I got to the track as much as I could, both coaching and running. The club made a real effort to boost numbers as they had been falling a little and by the end of the summer we were getting 20-25 on a regular basis. We just had to make sure the newcomers realise it’s not quite so pleasant up there in November!

 I did a couple of races, including a 13 lap half-marathon at the cycle circuit that runs around the outside of the Olympic Velodrome. Not the most exciting, but good for pace judgement and I was happy with a 1:46 which felt fairly comfortable.

Last but not least I had a few days in Plymouth to visit my Dad, which included a run around the lovely Mount Edgcumbe Country Park in Cornwall with some fabulous views across Plymouth Sound, then a long weekend in Bristol and a run around the city finding a few sculptures on the Gromit Unleashed Trail!

As I mentioned earlier marathon training has gone great all through the summer, but then 10 days ago I came down with a heavy cold, and just as I thought I was getting over it I started to cough and feel pretty rough, which ended up wiping out a whole week of training. It was the end of the final week before my taper, which included a planned 22 miler. Having already got 19,20 and 21 milers in the bank I was OK with missing the 22 miler, although it  was a final opportunity missed to practice my fluid and nutrition.

I finally managed to do Parkrun yesterday, which I took easy and it all went fine. The plan this week was do a 13 mile run at target marathon pace today (Sunday), but it was raining hard and having just had a cough and cold getting soaked didn’t seem to be the most sensible option in the circumstances.

The intention is to pick up my taper again this week, although the dilemma I now have is do I do another longer run at target marathon pace given it’s now 2 weeks to the big day? At the moment I’m leaning towards a 10 miler on Wednesday evening, which should be OK given I haven’t run much lately. With all the training and miles I’ve done everything should be fine and I’m still confident of a sub 4 hour time, so I guess it’s just a bit of maranoia setting in now it’s so close.

Tune in next week to find out if I actually do another post!


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