An unwanted complication

All being well this time in around 30 hours or so (at the time of writing this) I will have crossed the finish line at Bournemouth and will be enjoying a drink or two. Unfortunately being well isn’t something that I’ve been lately. I mentioned in my last post that I’d had a bit of a cough and cold. The cold didn’t hang around too long, but the cough is proving a little more problematic. It’s not a bad one, that’s the annoying thing, but it’s a dry one that’s left me with an irritated throat and generally feeling tired and jaded even after a good night’s sleep.

The end result is my taper was a bit of a train wreck. I wasn’t too worried about missing my final long run, but I was a little more concerned with missing my 13 miles at marathon pace which was intended to be something of a dress rehearsal for the big day. I ended up doing 10 miles at marathon pace the following Wednesday and then following Sunday 4 miles easy followed by another 4 miles at marathon pace. What worried me was that I wasn’t finding the marathon pace as easy as I’d hoped. It wasn’t uncomfortable but it felt harder than I thought it should do, and it left me with more questions than answers.

Final training run, had to wear the 2014 Bournemouth finishers t-shirt of course

I’m now at the point where it feels like I may have to take the pragmatic/sensible approach and not chase the sub-4 time I’ve been aiming at. It’s incredibly frustrating to being going into Sunday at less than 100%, but at this stage I really don’t know how I will feel, or what I’ll have in the tank for the race. I did an easy 2 miles yesterday morning and it didn’t feel too bad, so I’ll just have to hope that come the day a combination of my preparation, adrenaline, determination and some medication will be enough to get me through. At the very least I’d like to run the whole way round, if that takes more than 4 hours then I’ll be happy in the circumstances. It is what it is now, I’d hoped to be in near-perfect shape at this stage and it had been such a good build up until I got this bug. (However, I do have a possible Plan B if needed.)

For what it’s worth my original targets for this race were:

  • Gold: Sub-4:00
  • Silver: Sub 4:10
  • Bronze: Sub 4:20

Think I’d take bronze right now but let’s see what tomorrow brings, I’ll be back with a hopefully positive race recap next week!


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