All change

Everything is cancelled.

Remember those halcyon days when all we had to worry about was ferocious winds and torrential rain? Ironic that as the sun finally comes out this weekend we might only be days away from not being allowed to run outside at all. As they say shit just got serious.

Right now I should be in the middle of the hardest block of training for my ultra, but of course along with thousands of other disappointed runners my race has been postponed and now I have to refocus and rethink about what happens now. In reality whilst I have a rearranged date (26th September) at this stage there’s no guarantee things will be back to normal even by then as nobody really knows how this will all play out over the coming weeks. And thanks to people being unable (or unwilling) to follow some common sense advice it’s starting to feel somewhat inevitable that we will be heading for the kind of lock down some countries have already imposed.

No sign of them today – must have been self-isolating!

For the time being however I’ll carry on training, and the plan for the next few weeks at least is simply to keep things ticking over. I’ve seen a couple of people make the very sensible suggestion that you shouldn’t risk stressing your immune system at a time like this, so I’ll be looking for 3-4 runs a week, totally around 20-25 miles maximum, with maybe one speed session and the rest just being quite easy-paced. 

Of course my gym is closed but I don’t want to neglect the strength and conditioning side of things, so I hope to do 2 or 3 short sessions a week. It’s the ideal opportunity to finally get some use out of those resistance bands I bought months ago! 

Loose village – a glorious morning for a run

I’m now working from home all the time as well, and I want to try and keep to some sort of normal/regular routine. I’m still making my lunch the night before so my diet doesn’t change too much, and I’m also planning to get up at my usual time and go for a walk when I would usually be travelling to work. It will be good to get some fresh air before I start work plus I don’t want to get too used to the extra hour in bed because it’ll be that much harder to get up early again when I do finally go back to the office. I’m lucky that I can be in the countryside within 5 minutes of leaving home, and it should be nice and quiet at 6am. 

Hoping you’re all following the advice and that you all stay safe. Enjoy your running, maybe while you can, and remember your social distance! 

Looking back towards Otham church during yesterday’s run.