2020 – Going Long!

I’ve finally settled on my plans for this year. I’d had a pretty good idea for a while but I just needed to finalise a couple of things and that’s all done now, so now I can definitely say this is the year I’m going to step up to the ultra-marathon distance! I’ve been thinking about it for a while but I just needed to decide when and where. The race I’ve chosen is the London Revolution Ultra on May 9th, which is 32.2 miles starting in Marlow and finishing in Windsor, which seems like a good one to start with. 

It might only be another 6 miles on top of a marathon, which doesn’t sound a lot but given how I usually feel at the end of a marathon (generally pretty battered) I’m going to have to make sure I get my training right, including nutrition which has been something of an issue but of course becomes even more important over this kind of distance. Race day is 17 weeks away so I have time to get myself in the right kind of shape. I’m also starting from quite a good base having done the 5 marathons last year, so while it is a challenging event I’m confident that if I put in the hard work I can get through it. I’m actually quite excited (and a bit nervous) about having a brand new challenge to take on. 

I’ve already put together a race schedule leading up to the event, which looks like this:

It includes a couple of challenging local trail marathons which take in sections of the North Downs, and that will include some decent climbs, so they should make for good preparatory events. I’ll need to sit down and do some research around the type of training I’ll need to do, specifically the long runs. From what I do know of ultra training back to back long runs at the weekend are something that I know some people do, but while I build up my base mileage over the next couple of weeks I’ll be finding out some more about the world of ultras. I’ve got friends who have done them so I’ll definitely be asking them for any advice they might have for me.  

Beyond May I’ve only got two races definitely confirmed. I missed the North Downs 30k last year so I want to run it again this year. It’s a tough course, it’s usually warm but it’s also a great event that I’ve done a couple of time before. And I couldn’t resist another trip to Eastbourne for the Beachy Head Marathon, and with a decent contingent of Harriers already entered as well it looks like it’s going to be a fun weekend away. There’s a few other possibles I have my eye on, but I’ll see how the first part of the year pans out before committing myself to anything else at this stage. 

Beachy Head Marathon- stunning views included!


The only other target I have set myself is more of a fun little challenge is to do 10 different parkuns in Kent this year. We are lucky enough to have a load of different ones now and I really want to get out and try some of them so I’ll be slotting in some trips as and when I can. I’d also like to make sure I volunteer at Maidstone parkrun a few times as I didn’t manage to do it much last year. 

I guess I should also set myself a target of blogging a little more often, past performance has been a little erratic! I do have something to blog about now, so I will endeavour to chart my ultra journey on a regular basis as I go forward.

I hope everyone is enjoying their training for this year, good luck for any upcoming events. 

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