2017 – A Look Back

Despite my best intentions life (and Christmas) got in the way so this is my first update for a few weeks. I’ll take a look back at 2017 in a moment, but firstly a quick look at what’s happened since my last post.

Cross country season is well and truly underway, although somewhat disappointingly lacking in mud so far. I raced at Swanley Park and the normally very muddy Oxleas Woods in south east London, where despite the lack of mud I still managed to trip over a tree root! Fortunately I got away with just some impressive bruises and nothing worse, and was good to go a week later at the Thanet 10 miles, an old favourite I hadn’t run for a few years. I’d hoped to run around a 1:16 given it’s a fairly flat course, but being by the coast the wind can be an issue, and on the day there was a strong breeze which was in our faces during the second half of the race, and after struggling to sustain my pace between miles 7 and 9 I just missed out on my target clocking a 1:17:05. Disappointing, but still faster than my previous 10 miles at Sittingbourne in October.

I also enjoyed a spot of Parkrun tourism in Lincoln, as we were visiting there for the annual Christmas market. Saturday morning dawned bright sunny and very cold, but I was well prepared as it had been forecast. I ran there and back to the venue in a park to the south of the city. It was a flat 3 lap course, mainly on the paths in the park with a short section on trails. It has the potential to be a fast one, but it was a little slippy in places so I didn’t push too hard and had a nice steady 24:18 run. The following morning I went out in the snow and enjoyed a run around the city itself, including a couple of climbs of the very appropriately named Steep Hill!

2017 Review

It’s been a fun year, I didn’t have any specific targets set at the start of it, I just wanted to stay healthy and enjoy my running without putting any pressure on myself to achieve certain times or goals.

Disneyland Paris Half-Marathon

Just a fun weekend away and a great and unusual race! You don’t often get the chance to run around two of the most famous theme parks in the world and I enjoyed every second of it. I wrote more about the race here. 

Brighton Marathon

I have mixed feelings about this race. Having trained hard in the cool late winter/early spring conditions race weekend turned out sunny and very hot for early April. I mean there’s nothing you can do about it, but it’s still frustrating all the same. I’m always pleased to finish a marathon, but despite slowing my pace I still ended up walking the infamous Shoreham power station loop. The Brighton blog is here.


This was the year I finally made it to 50, and got the t-shirt to prove it. I also did some Parkrun tourism across the year. In March I went to Upton Court, near Slough, then in July I did the Isle of Wight Parkrun in Ryde and finally as I mentioned earlier I did Lincoln earlier this month. For 2018 I definitely want to do a few more of the local ones as Kent is lucky to have a number of Parkruns now.

And that was 2017. According to Strava I ran 1,039 miles over 203 activities totally 161 hours, and climbed 52,149 feet, which is almost 2 times up Mount Everest!

I’ll write a blog about my targets and aims for 2018 shortly (which will include blogging more regularly!), but in the meantime Happy New Year to everyone.